Frequently Asked Questions

The above links are important information and some of our most often asked questions. We want to make sure you have all your questions answered. See below for more FAQ's

Popular Questions

How Do you Price? 

Most of our products are price by the pound. Your credit card will be pre-approved for the max weight/cost the item may be but you will only be charged for the exact weight you receive.

If you are ordering a bulk package please refer to our pricing page to learn about hang weight.

I Ordered a bulk package. When will it be ready? 

All of our bulk packages are pre-order only. If you ordered a bulk beef, pork or lamb package we will be reaching out to let you know when it will be ready.

We reserve your packages on the next earliest date we have available.

How much should I order? 

It really depends on the size of your household, freezer space, and budget. Visit our ONLINE STORE for available options.

We are pleased to assist in helping you determine the best package or quantity of products that is right for you!

Do I get to customize a bulk package?

Yes, we ask for customization requests before the animal gets shipped. You can customize the following packages:

Beef: quarter, side/half and whole

Pork: side and whole

Lamb: side and whole


How long will it take for my order to be ready? 

Most products listed in the ONLINE STORE are available within a week or so.

Items that are pre-order will be noted as such in the online store description of the item.

How do I get my order?

We offer free self serve pick-up at the farm or you can select delivery at checkout and get your order delivered to Sage Naturopathic Clinic or to your door.  

We deliver direct to your home every second and fourth Saturday of the month. Click here for our Pick-Up and Delivery Options or refer to above to find out more.

What payment methods do you accept? 

Credit card through your account, EMT(electronic money transfer) are preferred methods of payment but we do also accept cash at the farm.

All orders MUST be paid in full to be delivered to transferred over to our self serve freezers.

Where is the farm located? 

The farm is located at Carmel-Koch Road near Baden, Ontario.

Refer to our home page for the full address or email us for directions.

Where are the self serve freezers?

Our self serve freezers are located in the first building on the left when you drive in the driveway. Your order will be labelled with: your name and how many bags or boxes you should be looking for.

We ask that you close the freezer doors after you have found your order.

Why was my beef to tough the first time I cooked it? 

Often times with grass-fed organic beef, people often overcook it the first couple times. Our meat is very lean because we do not feed our animals any grain or corn. We suggest low and slow for the bigger cuts and quick on either side for the smaller cuts to keep it from tasting like shoe leather.

We suggest following some recipes specifically made for grass-fed organic beef. Christine Sheriff is a nutritionist that we work with and she has curated recipes specifically for our beef. Find all of her recipes here.


Cooking tips for grass fed organic beef and other organic pastured meats!

Everyone enjoys their food and specifically meat a little different. We often suggest low and slow for roasts and ribs and high and short for your smaller cuts. However, we work with Christine Sheriff and she uses our meat in all of her recipe's.

Click Here to take you to her recipe page on her website and get some great inspiration for your meals.


When will you prepare my order and when can I pick up?

We prepare orders primarily on Wednesday morning's and the occasional Friday. Once your order has been prepared and is paid in full we place it in the self serve freezer and you can pick up at your convenience.

For all of the bulk orders of a quarter or larger we schedule pick up times as there are usually many boxes that go along with an order of that size.


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8am - 3pm - Monday - Friday

We do not have a retail store. Please place your order ahead of time and you can pickup self serve once your order is ready or schedule an appointment time.

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