Our Team

Katie Baer

Business Manager

Katie is the youngest of the Baer children and manages the business. What is her job description... Do-er of all things. She is the person you will first get when you email us. She has a passion for health and wellness and connecting people with their food so they can live long fulfilled lives, full of joy.

When Katie is not at the farm she can be found coaching or playing rugby, staying active through hikes and other sports or working on a side project.

Chris Baer

Logistics Manager

Chris handles all the logistics behind the scenes. Everything from booking transportation, abattoirs, butchers etc. She is the rockstar to ensure the ship runs smoothly and we can product shipped and back to the farm to get into your hands seamlessly.

When she is not working on that she spends a lot of time in her flourishing garden. You may have seen some vegetable or fruit products in the "store" for sale occasionally. Those delicious products are from Chris.

Melissa Baer


Melissa is the eldest of the Baer siblings and started Vibrant Farms to connect consumers to a great product. She has a passion for community, agriculture and sustainability.

Currently she is living in New Zealand where she continues her work to better our worlds food system and bring people closer to their food and understanding of what goes into their food.


Our Farmers

Dan Baer

Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Eggs
Home Farm: Sunset Glen Farmer

Dan has been farming organically for his entire life. He grew up on the farm and has taken over the farming from Dennis Baer.

One of Dan's favourite places to be is out in the field with his cattle or sitting in the barn forming a bond with the young calves. Dan cares immensely about his animals and ensuring their health and wellness

Lindsay Bast


Lindsay and his family have been raising grass fed organic beef for his whole life. He took over the farming from his father Murray Bast. Lindsay also raises sheep which we are newly offering.

The Bast's also own and operate Bio-Ag Consultant's and Distributors, which is an agriculture manufacturing and distributing company located in Wellesley.

Jeff Linton


Linton pasture pork is a farrow to finish family run farm located in Walton, Ontario.

Linton Pasture Pork has now grown to a large scale operation with over 600 pigs maintaining humane and sustainable production. Jeff has a vast amount of hands on experience in both farming and agriculture and has perfected the art of cover crops, replanting pastures, while practicing sustainable farming.

Noah Sittler &
George Martin


Noah and George have been raising organic grass fed cattle for many, many years and are committed to raising a quality product and caring for the animals health and wellness. They operate under the same standards as the Baer family and supply Vibrant Farms with quality beef. We have been working with them for over 10 years.

Dennis Baer

The Original Farmer  

Dennis took over the family farm from his father and then converted the farm to organic in 1988. He has a passion for community, health and making a difference in the world. Through farming in a sustainable, healthy way is his way of making our world a better place.

You will find him around the farm, working in the shop, in the fields or helping a customer out.

Backyard Honey Co.


Jack and Catherine have been keeping bees since 2013. All the honey is unpasteurized and no synthetic chemicals are used in the hives.

They also run Backyard Beekeeper Supply to help beekeepers grow their hobby. Catherine offers a traveling bee school, has spoken at over 100 schools and has her first book, Bee-ing, available in October 2021 for young children.