Our Pillars

These are the foundation in which Vibrant Farms was built

​It all starts with HEALTHY SOIL:

We believe that healthy soils grow healthy foods and is one of the reasons we move our animals to different pasture regularly (rotational grazing). As the ground improves, the grass improves, then the cattle eat the grass and fertilize the land, and the soil continues to improve. This is a healthy ecosystem cycle, and it is what we do here at Vibrant Farms. As one of the longest certified farms in the area, our land has been free of chemicals and GMO's for over thirty years. The grass that the animals eat is 'clean' and nutrient-dense which we think matters a lot - after all, you are what your meat eats!

HAPPY ANIMALS born & raised on-farm:

Our goal is to raise animals from beginning to end in a humane, caring, healthful way which shows respect to the animal throughout its life. Every calf is born and raised on the farm which eliminates the need for vaccinations, antibiotics and medications. By feeding the cattle grass instead of grains, we are working with the animals digestive system instead of against it since they were made to eat grass - not grains. Our animals are raised outdoors on organic pasture from spring right into the colder months where they are moved into a warm, open farm with access to the outdoors.​ The abattoir we have worked with for 10+ years is one of the only animal welfare approved facilities in Ontario - which means they must ensure the animals are well cared for, comfortable, and not stressed.  

Healthy NOURISHMENT for your body:


At Vibrant Farms, our goal is to produce a product that is high in nutrition, quality, and taste. Grass-fed beef is one of the most nutrient-dense proteins you can eat and contains more vitamins and minerals, omega 3 fatty acids, and CLA than grain-fed beef. These nutrients help to provide healthy nourishment for you, your family and your life!


Through supporting the local food movement we can build a sense of community by connecting us to each other and in turn we gain a sense of place or connectedness with the earth and where our food comes from. Buying direct from the farm also helps to build a stronger local food community and creates positive economic impact in your own community. We also value working with local farmers to help them to grow and encourage consumers to ask questions about how the meat is raised - to really 'know their farmer'.