Here's why we are tremendously proud of what we do...

How We Farm

In short we exist in business because we believe in a world that health & abundance of laughter & love is available to everyone. We also believe that with great food we will live vibrant healthy lives that will allow us to laugh with our loved ones, play well into our old ages and generally love life. We work to provide the food that will bring people together, excite and inspire people to share with their loved ones. We hope that you feel great when you eat our products, because we work VERY hard and are very passionate about how we raise our products, with tender care and attention to detail.

Nutrient Dense

We want to make sure that you get the maximum access to nutrients because after all you're not what you eat, you are what you absorb and assimilate. We farm organically certified because we think that it creates a better product, free of hormones, antibiotics and also provides you the ability to confirm this claim.

We do not vaccinate - although allowed within the Organic standards, we choose to care for herd health through closed herds, micro nutrient dense farming and organic highly absorbed supplements (our supplements are 99% absorbed compared to the standard industry rate). By beef animals being grass fed, this has been shown to produce meat with higher omega 3 fatty acids, more alkaline ph levels and higher nutrients such as vitamin B, as well as lower levels of toxins traditionally held in fat that would be seen on animals fed conventional non-organic grains (including corn).

Just because an animal is 'grass fed' does not mean the grasses it is eating aren't full of pesticides & chemicals. It's best to look for organically raised grass fed beef which is what Vibrant Farms raises. 

Sustainability in Practice

Yes - you read that right - we are walking the walk when it comes to sustainability:

  • We sell in bulk because we are committed to using the whole animal
  • We sell at a bulk price because we believe that everyone should have the option to get great quality food at a reasonable price
  • We price our product to ensure the farmers are paid fairly, that each person along the value chain is paid fairly (farmer, local trucker, abattoir, butcher, marketer, distributor)
  • We farm in a way that doesn't destroy the soil, but utilizes the manure to build up soil nutrients, we ensure we do not tax the land too much (ex. too many animals per acre)
  • We farm in a way that you can rest assured in 20 years when your children are ready to start buying food, there will be the same or better quality food available to them
  • We buy from what we refer to as our "founding fathers of grass fed in Waterloo Region" Those who farm this way because they love it, because they would do it regardless of what price they got at the market - this allows us to provide more product, but not by taxing one piece of land. We keep the farms small and consistent in process to ensure consistent product.

ALL meat from Vibrant Farms is 100% grass fed & grass finished.

The Breed - "Terroir"

We have a variety of breeds that we use, some are Angus and some are Limosine. Important things to know about this breed and herd:

  • We believe in building a herd that will work best in the conditions of the land, we have cold winters here and we need a hearty animal, as well as cows that will calf good size healthy calves without difficulty.
  • Selecting for these traits our animals put on good weight, have good marbling, produce healthy calves, are good mothers and do well on grass alone
  • We have a "closed" herd. Meaning that the mothers have calves every year and remain on the farm until they are shipped to market. No combing of herds or getting in "finishing stock" ultimately reducing need for vaccinations and keeping the health of our animals optimal.
  • Micro nutrient accumulation - generations and generations of animals who have built up nutrients and healthy bones and tissue to produce even healthier babies
  • We believe in working with the environment that we are given to produce a product that is superb in nutrition and quality.